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Memorial to the 1st Cleveland Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty

A memorial to Officer John Michael Kick–the 1st Cleveland Officer killed in the Line of Duty–was dedicated on June 11, 2011, at the Monroe Street Cemetery at 3207 Monroe Street between West 25th Street and Fulton. About 400 people attended the ceremony held by the Cleveland Police Department and the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation. The descendents of officer Kick were in attendance including a great-great grandson who is a Cleveland Police officer. The Cleveland Police Pipes and Drums Corp performed at the ceremony as well as Second District Police Officer George Kirby who played taps on his bugle.

John Michael Kick was a patrol officer who joined the Cleveland Police Department when it was formed in 1866.  Kick was of German descent, 35 years old, and had served in the Civil War as a color sergeant with a Missouri regiment. Kick lived on Myrtle Street with his wife Franziska and their four children, John, Eliza, William, and Mamie.

 Several historical accounts document the tragedy that befell Officer Kick. The Cleveland Leader reported on Monday, May 17, 1875 that “Officer Kick, of the Fourth Precinct, received a mortal wound in the encounter with the band of Chicago burglars.”

In the book, In the Line of Duty, 1853 – 1999, published by the Cleveland Police Department, officer Kick is described “as a quiet, faithful, brave and fearless officer. His gentlemanly deportment and strict attention to duty earned him the respect of his fellow officers and all who knew him.”

PHOTO BY JOHN CARTWRIGHT Saturday, June 11, 2011; Memorial to Officer John Michael Kick, Monroe Street Cemetery, 3207 Monroe Avenue: Bugler George Kirby, a police officer in the Second District helps to honor the memory of Officer John Michael Kick, the first Cleveland Police officer to be killed in the line of duty. Officer Kick was laid to rest in Monroe Cemetery in May of 1875.


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