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The Creative Corner (The Wolverine Scene in the Plain Press, June 2015)

Where I’m From

By Hannah Abel

I’m from a moms who’s far away

From a dad who lives with his fiancé

I’m from a life that is hard but still I still smile

From so many places and I finally settled down

I’m from a life where I have 6 siblings and get to see none

From hanging with friends and laughing, to going home and crying,

I’m from a place where my friends are my life

Where my family tries to take me over

I’m from a broken family, friends who help, people who start drama,

And a world where I think I don’t belong a lot of times

From a place where my brothers, sisters,

Baby cousin, and parents are my world

Where life is harder than I thought

I’m from a place where boys come and go

Where my heart’s been broken in many pieces

And, this is only part of where I’m from.

The Sunlight Beams

By 7 Burton

The sunlight beams on my face in the early morning

The warmth awakens me, and I feel as bright as the sun.

It’s a new day, a new chapter,

I have to write a new beginning

I hold before me a day to correct all that I have done wrong

A day in which I embrace

The things I never did,

A day which I call new.

I feel joy as I gaze out of my window,

At the freshly bloomed flowers, the clear blue lake,

And the smiles of children both young and old.

A new day that is given to you is a gift

I was once told.

But I never appreciated those words

Because my mind was too bold.

It’s a new season, a new start for

All of the things I treasure

Most within my heart.


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