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Thanks for “heartful story”

Thanks for “heartful story” To the Editor: (Plain Press, May 2019)    While visiting Metro hospital yesterday (April 2), I picked up your paper and brief through it. I truly enjoyed reading the heartful story “Near West Side’s couple’s love spans across seven decades” in memory of “Judith Ann Peterson Horvath”. Thanks for the family’s sharing … Continue reading

Near West Side’s couple’s love spans across seven decades In memory April 19, 1946 – January 8, 2019 – Judith Ann Peterson Horvath—”Queen of the Boxing Kitchen”

Near West Side’s couple’s love spans across seven decades In memory April 19, 1946 – January 8, 2019 – Judith Ann Peterson Horvath—”Queen of the Boxing Kitchen” (Plain Press, April 2019)    The story of Judith Ann Peterson Horvath and Gary Horvath spans seven decades. It is a love story, the story of a family, … Continue reading

Community gathers to remember the second anniversary of the End of Watch for First District Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey

by Victoria Shea (Plain Press, February 2019)          For Officer Christ Porter, two years later he stills remembers the wave of blue that took over the city of Cleveland on the night his brother, 39-year-old David Fahey, had died in the line of duty. “It was very important to know that the city appreciated him.” … Continue reading

Finding hope in the holiday season after the loss of a loved one

by Victoria Shea (December 2018, Plain Press)        “The word ‘holiday’ implies a time of celebration, gatherings or worship,” wrote April Ratcliffe, a licensed social worker and bereavement coordinator for Hospice of the Western Reserve in the Winter, 2012 About Grief. “How can you celebrate when experiencing so much pain? The thought of celebrating during the holidays is … Continue reading

Finding hope during the holiday season: A reflection

by Victoria Shea (December 2018, Plain Press)        Sitting at my desk the other day, I was staring at a blank word document, trying to decide what to write for this issue of the Plain Press. For several days now, I faced my worst enemy-writers block. It was my own fault, as in the last few months during this … Continue reading

Walter Martens & Sons Funeral Home to hold annual Tree of Remembrance ceremony

by Victoria Shea (December 2018, Plain Press)        With nothing but the glow of candle flames and the twinkling lights from the decorated Christmas tree, licensed funeral director Joseph C. Mosinski continued to read. “The flame of the candle symbolizes remembrance,” he read. “As we pass the flame of remembrance from one to another, let this tiny … Continue reading

In Memory: Eric Quentin Stiver

(Plain Press, May 2018)        Eric Quentin Stiver, age 34, of Cleveland, passed away April 15, 2018. Eric started his life on West 20thin Duck Island. He attended Urban Community School and Central Catholic High School, graduating in 1999 from Max Hayes High School in the top 10% of the country academically. Eric worked as a … Continue reading

In Memory Margaret “Margie” Dorothy Bray Hoven August 11, 1956 – March 20, 2018

(Plain Press, April 2018)       Margaret “Margie” Bray, wife of Plain Press Managing Editor Chuck Hoven, and Plain PressCommunity Board and Website Editor, passed away on March 20, 2018 from a choking accident while dining. Margie Bray Margie was born in the Philippines while her father worked there as a consultant for the Philippine Government. … Continue reading