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Greater Cleveland Congregations’ campaign sheds light on deal for Quicken Loans Arena

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, March 2017)             Greater Cleveland Congregations’ campaign to create a Community Equity Fund with a dollar to dollar match of any new public money pledged to upgrade Quicken Loans Arena (The Q), has brought increased public scrutiny to the proposal to expand the arena. The testimony, at the February 21st … Continue reading

Juvenile Court Judge urges more state dollars for residential treatment programs

(Plain Press, March 2017) Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge Michael Ryan urged Cuyahoga County residents to lobby their state legislature for an increase in funding for residential treatment programs for juveniles in Cuyahoga County. Judge Ryan said if judges had the option of sending more of the youths they see in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court … Continue reading

Election 2016 results — turnout varies widely in precincts in Plain Press service area

Election 2016 results – turnout varies widely in precincts in Plain Press service area (Plain Press, December 2016) Voters approved all three issues on the ballot in Cleveland this November. Of the three issues, the half percent hike in the payroll tax won by the smallest margin winning 51.36% to 48.64%, with 64,439 yes votes … Continue reading

ADAMHS Board serves as a resource to help individuals combat heroin and opiate addiction

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, September 2016)   This year the rate at which Cuyahoga County residents are dying from overdoses of heroin and fentanyl has increased to more than a person per day. The dramatic rise in the deaths of individuals addicted to opiates and heroin is a cause of alarm. Addicted individuals, their family … Continue reading

Tri-C Awarded Federal Grant to Help Cleveland Students Work Toward College

(Plain Press, September 2016)   Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) will use a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Educational Talent Search Project to provide academic, career and financial counseling to Cleveland Metropolitan School District students who have the potential to succeed in college. Tri-C will provide myriad services to selected Cleveland students, including tutoring, … Continue reading

To participate in our democracy – make sure you are registered to vote

(Plain Press, February 2016) This year promises to be an important and exciting year for those voting in local, state and national elections. American citizens, age 18 and older are eligible to vote in elections, but must first register to vote. To vote in Cuyahoga County, you must be a resident of the county for … Continue reading

Medicaid Education Workshop helps explain program

by Chuck Hoven Plain Press, November 2015   A panel of four people at a Medicaid Education Workshop held on October 20th offered answers to questions about Medicaid eligibility and what it covers; explained the various types of Medicaid programs; and offered an update about what is happening with Medicaid expansion in Ohio. Northern Ohioans for … Continue reading

Governor fails to request work exemption for Cuyahoga County SNAP recipients

Plain Press, November 2015   As an October deadline looms, Ohio Governor John Kasich has failed to ask the federal government for a waiver that would allow people living in urban areas with high unemployment to receive food assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  If the waiver is not requested, people in Cuyahoga County … Continue reading

Environmental activists trade notes on current fights

by Randy Cunningham (Plain Press, October 2015) Social media has become an important part of activism, regardless of the issue.  But when all is said and done there is no substitute for activists getting together in the flesh to trade notes and war stories about their current organizing. They did just that on Sunday, September … Continue reading

Commitment to Health Improvement Partnership includes our selves

To the Editor: (Plain Press, September 2015) In the July issue of the Plain Press, the following article appeared “Community Health Improvement Plan seeks health and wellness for all people in Cuyahoga County”. In it, the writers quoted Cuyahoga County’s Health Commissioner, Terry Allen, when he said, “Everyone deserves the right to be healthy.” As … Continue reading