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Three non-clothing wardrobe items that help elevate your personal style

by Silk Allen (Plain Press, February 2019)          We often have enough clothes in our closets, it’s just knowing what to do with them that confuses people, and I’m here to help! I have three very important non-clothing fashion purchases that I am dying to tell you about because they will help elevate your personal … Continue reading

Holiday Party Style Guide: What to Wear Where

by Silk Allen (December 2018, Plain Press)        The whole month of December is lit, from start to finish, and is filled with a whirlwind of celebrations leading up to New Year’s Eve. Our social calendars are full of holiday events like black tie fundraisers; office party shindigs; family and friend dinners; and good old-fashioned bar hoppings … Continue reading

Ask A Stylist

by Silk Allen Dear Lady Silk, (Plain Press, November 2018) I’m a thirty-nine-year old man that likes to go out with my girlfriend and I have a hard time understanding what clothing styles work best for me. I’m not trying to dress super flashy like the young guys I see with the loud tight shirts and … Continue reading

How to use trendy fall accessories to update your wardrobe

by Silk Allen (Plain Press, October 2018)           September is the new January. For some people at any age it may be due to the “back to school” affect- the return of structure and new routines after a summer of leisure, the purchase of fresh notebooks and supplies for new thoughts and ideas and the change of … Continue reading

Declutter your life and your Wardrobe with a closet edit

by Silk Allen (Plain Press, September 2018)          An inexpensive way to refine your style, make your morning routine simpler and have a closet full of pieces that you love can be achieved by closet editing. We only wear about 20 percent of our clothing 80 percent of the time and the rest of the … Continue reading

The Queer Tailor is not just for anybody, she’s for every “body”

by Silk Allen What do you do when you have the most amazing dress or suit hanging in the back of your closet that just needs a few tweaks to fit you perfectly? You call a tailor who will hook your garment up with a quick nip and a tuck here, replace a button, hem … Continue reading