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Resident criticizes article on Cudell former director as one sided

To the editor: (December 2018, Plain Press)        As an instructor of journalism at Kent State University and Cuyahoga Community College, I am appalled that your newspaper shunned journalistic ethics to run what was essentially a rant by Anita Brindza, retired director of Cudell Improvement Inc., in your October 2018 edition (“Former executive director of Cudell Improvement … Continue reading

Call for financial accounting and summary of accomplishments for Cudell Improvement

To the editor: (December 2018, Plain Press)        I am writing regarding Victoria Shea’s October article about Anita Brindza and the Cudell-Detroit Shoreway Strategic Alliance.  I am a longtime resident of the Cudell Improvement service area and a-25-year dues-paying member of that organization. I have participated in neighborhood initiatives and volunteer efforts for nearly thirty years.    As … Continue reading

Questioning Councilman McCormack’s response to Market Square Park shooting

To the Editor (Plain Press, November 2018)In early October, two members of our near west side community were victims of a crime when they were shot during an argument at Market Square Park. These two people live, work, and volunteer in our community and support their families and friends in our community. You would not know that … Continue reading

Homeowner comments on property values in her neighborhood that have gone down

To the Editor: (Plain Press, October 2018)           I read with interest the article Chuck Hoven wrote regarding the newly appraised home values in Cuyahoga County. Unlike the Tremont area where property values spiked in an inconsistent manner, the property values from my home and in my general neighborhood have gone down. This seems like it is … Continue reading

Property tax increases alarm Lincoln Heights Block Club residents- an appeal to Cuyahoga County and City representatives for relief

Property tax increases alarm Lincoln Heights Block Club residents- an appeal to Cuyahoga County and City representatives for relief To the editor: Letter to Cuyahoga County Council and Cleveland City Council Dear President Brady, Councilwomen Conwell, Councilman McCormack,  Other Distinguished Members of Cuyahoga and Cleveland Councils : (Plain Press, September 2018)     I have spent … Continue reading

September 2018 Issue of the Plain Press – PDF


#MeToo: hashtag leads to social movement and to the beginnings of social change

#MeToo: hashtag leads to social movement and to the beginnings of social change To the Editor: (Plain Press, April 2018)       Worldwide, one in three women experiences physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime. Violence against women and girls is embedded in cultural and societal norms. Women are and always have been paralyzed by fear … Continue reading

April 2018 Issue of the Plain Press


Reader urges compassion and support for refugee families

To the editor: (Plain Press, February 2018)        Your October 2017 edition printed an article, titled International Village Festival features storytelling, food and entertainment, about Esther Ngembe speaking at the International Village Festival. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ngembe, last year, and hearing her families’ story. It is the part of a refugees’ life … Continue reading

Men challenged to take a stand against sexual harassment

To the editor: (Plain Press, January 2018)          This letter is in response to the articles covering the sexual harassment allegations made against men in the media and government throughout the United States. To all males living in this country, I issue a collective statement:  enough already!  Who are you to impose your sexual desires on someone because … Continue reading