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Community Forum on Education offers input to State of Ohio Educational Plan

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, June 2017)      At a May 22nd Community Forum on Education held at Max Hayes High School, over thirty educators, parents and community members from throughout Greater Cleveland had an opportunity to offer their input on the State of Ohio’s educational policy. The forum, hosted by Ohio State Board of Education … Continue reading

Health coverage in jeopardy for 100’s of thousands of Ohioans

by Larry Bresler (Plain Press, June 2017)      There has been much publicity about the fight to retain the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obama Care including Medicaid Expansion. However, the state budget in Ohio currently being determined, is also reviewing Medicaid Expansion and there is a battle to pass it with without cutting people … Continue reading

Ohio House budget proposal makes some improvements, but still underinvests

by Zach Schiller (Plain Press, May 2017)  On April 25th, the Republican majority of the Ohio House of Representatives announced its proposal for the next two-year state budget. Despite some improvements, the new House plan remains an underinvestment budget that provides inadequate resources for Ohio’s needs. NEWS ANALYSIS The proposal includes some welcome additional support for … Continue reading

NOBLE urges citizens to contact legislators about concerns in upcoming state budget

(Plain Press, April 2017)                Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality (NOBLE), a community based coalition working to make the community’s voice heard in the State of Ohio’s legislative process, is currently mobilizing residents to lobby the State Legislature concerning the next two-year state budget. On March 29th, local members of NOBLE boarded a bus … Continue reading

Raise Up Cleveland announces start of statewide effort to raise minimum wage

(Plain Press, February 2017)        Members of Raise Up Cleveland came to the Cleveland City Council meeting on January 10th to announce they will take their campaign to raise the minimum wage statewide. The also came to voice their displeasure at the move by Cleveland City Council’s leadership and Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration to thwart … Continue reading

State Representative Nickie Antonio receives awards

(Plain Press, November 2016)     State Representative Nickie Antonio (District 13) received several honors this month. Antonio received the Center for Community Solutions Award for Public Service in Honor of John A. Begala for her efforts to address Ohio’s opioid addiction crisis and her work on the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee to improve the rate … Continue reading

ODOT tackles pedestrian and vehicle safety issues near Shoreway ramps on W. 25th and W. 28th

(Plain Press, November 2016)    At an October 6th meeting at Lakeview Towers, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), officials and contractors involved with the Lakefront West Project offered an update on construction work related to the turning of the West Shoreway into a Boulevard. The focus of the meeting was on concerns expressed by residents … Continue reading

Presidential candidates must outline clear budget priorities

To the editor:   (Plain Press, May 2016) In less than a year, a new president of the United States will be inaugurated. The voters of Ohio will have a major role to play in determining who occupies that office. Choosing a candidate for President should involve moving beyond rhetoric to an evaluation of concrete plans. … Continue reading

To participate in our democracy – make sure you are registered to vote

(Plain Press, February 2016) This year promises to be an important and exciting year for those voting in local, state and national elections. American citizens, age 18 and older are eligible to vote in elections, but must first register to vote. To vote in Cuyahoga County, you must be a resident of the county for … Continue reading

Governor fails to request work exemption for Cuyahoga County SNAP recipients

Plain Press, November 2015   As an October deadline looms, Ohio Governor John Kasich has failed to ask the federal government for a waiver that would allow people living in urban areas with high unemployment to receive food assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  If the waiver is not requested, people in Cuyahoga County … Continue reading