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Lincoln Heights Block Club weighs in on proposal to amend its bylaws

Lincoln Heights Block Club weighs in on proposal to amend its bylaws by Bruce Checefsky   (Plain Press, April 2019)     At its March 11thmeeting the Lincoln Heights Block Club members were asked to vote on whether or not to change a clause in their bylaws that allowed only members that are property owners to … Continue reading

Ukrainian Museum-Archives Easter Egg “Pysanky” making workshop

Property tax abatements need re-examination in light of impact on property tax valuations

by Chuck Hoven (Plain Press, February 2019)          Residents of neighborhoods with a large number of new and substantially rehabbed houses, like Tremont (Southside) and Ohio City say they have been particularly hard hit by recent property valuations that have substantially increased their property tax bills. For many low-or-moderate income homeowners, the increases will cause … Continue reading

Proposed development stirs disagreement over voting rights at Lincoln Heights Block Club Meeting

by Bruce Checefsky (Plain Press, February 2019)          Josh Rosen, a partner in Sustainable Community Associates, wanted tostay on message when he presented plans for a new residential housingdevelopment at 1633 Auburn Avenue across the street from the WagnerAwing Building in Tremont. Seated at a large round table in the basement of St. Augustine Churchon … Continue reading

Residents seek information on how to challenge property tax assessments

by Bruce Checefsky (January 2019, Plain Press)           Jordan Perme and Chris Lees bought a one-family home on Literary Road in Tremont five and a half years ago. Their property tax assessment increased 17% over the next four years. This year alone, it increased more than 25%. “I don’t think they did a thorough job with … Continue reading

Southside resident fears losing longtime family home

To the editor: (January 2019, Plain Press)           My family has made Tremont/or the Southside our home for over 100 years.  We have had 17 family members born from this home. This is our generational home. My parents, my mother being the eldest, had the birthright of living in the vacant apartment when they were … Continue reading

Santas in Tremont

Cleveland Public Library Carnegie South Branch reopens

St. John Cantius Polish Festival

Lincoln Heights Block Club residents challenge Cuyahoga County property appraisals

(Plain Press, October 2018)           Residents of the Lincoln Heights Block Club in the Tremont neighborhood were alarmed at the huge increases in their property tax valuations they received in the mail. In a letter to the editor “Property tax increases alarm Lincoln Heights Block Club residents – an appeal to Cuyahoga County and City representatives for … Continue reading